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Product Name Consumables (Chamfering Bite Roller)
Model MAN-R-40, MAN-R-70
Series Pneumatic Edge Chamfering Solution
Product Description


Best solution for quick and elaborate chamfering for various forms of edges such as lines, curved lines, etc.

- Easy replacing method of cutter blades
- Easy to work with small diameter holes (minimum diameter Ø28mm)
- Same cutter blades used as automatic chamfering machine
- R chamfering according to IMO PSPC 2R3C regulation

Standard Type Cutter Bearing
BRING-1907-SJ (for automatic and 7-inch manual)
BRING-1908-SJ (for 4-inch manual)

- Used for cut section at right angles
- Uniform processing surface, long life

Flanged cutter bearing
BRING-1907-FJ (for automatic and 7-inch manual)
BRING-1908-FJ (for 4-inch manual)

- Plasma cutting work of thin plates less than 15T is likely to generate cut surface at an oblique angle by thermal deformation due to high temperature
- Flanged bearing minimizing contacted thickness of cutter bearing and cut surface and getting regular chamfered surface when chamfering cut surface not formed at a right angle

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