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Product Name Solar Power Switch gear
Series Switchboard Division for Industrial
Product Description

Solar Power Switch gear

It is a simple model that focuses on the superiority and stability o f power supply, and is an innovative product that can meet various need of customers.

Since 15 Years of experience in the design and production of offshore and onshore plant switchboards, we have enhanced our durability by using high-strength steel plates especially in the harsh conditions of sea breezes and mountainous areas in coastal areas.

In particular, reliability of products is highly appreciated by satisfying the requirements for stable construction test.

1. It uses high reliability and long life domestic and overseas breaker.

2. Engineering and electrical design consider electrical and mechanical stability.

3. Arc breakdown time is less than 15ms due to excellent insulation recovery characteristics when current breaks under vacuum condition of high voltage circuit breaker.

4. The use of the circuit breaker for a long time does not degrade the vacuum degree and wear of the contact point. It has excellent breaking performance and long mechanical life.

5. Built-in high-performance vacuum circuit breaker (VCB) and air circuit breaker (ACB) provide excellent power supply.

6. It is optimized for power generation facilities. In particular, it adopts transformer with more than 99% efficiency, and has high efficiency and maintenance.

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