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Product Name High performance FO-PLP BONDER
Model AD-400
Series Die Bonder
Product Description

Basic Information

Model name : AD-400

As the production of Fan-out Panel Level Packages increases, the purpose of increasing I/O density and production yield Precise Bonding Accuracy and UPH Improvement, Customized Pick and Placement for Each Customer Equipment development required


1.High productivity : UPH 15K

2.Applied panel size : 615x625mm

3.High placement accuracy : Local ±8㎛@3σ  / Global ±15㎛@3σ 

4.Temprature : Bond head 150°C / Bond stage 150°C

5.Face up & Face down

6.Auto tool change : Bond, Pickup tool

7.Multi ejector system

8.Auto panel load_unload system

9.Wafer auto change system

10.100class cleanness of FFU

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