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Product Name
Model Bench Top RTP Series
Series Bench Top
Product Description


Korea Vacuum Tech, Ltd. proudly introduces the latest

addition to our family of products, the Intelsi-R Series ‘Bench Top’ RTP

system, which puts the annealing process into a compact size.

Designed to process samples up to 2” (50.8mm) wafer size in various

gas environments using precise digital display readout and full

computer control, the Intelsi-R Series can be conveniently configured,

is simple to operate and easy to maintain.The modular design of the Intelsi-M

makes it highly configurable to meet specific customer needs and numerous

stock options are also available. A fully automated Laptop PC helps round out

this extremely usable yet robust diminutive package.



≻ Easy to install, easy to operate

≻ Precise reproducible coatings - consistent

≻ Compact design / small footprint

≻ Quick and simple loading / unloading



≻ Rapid Heating: 100℃/sec (212℉/sec)

≻ Extreme versatility

≻ High capacity vacuum pumping

≻ Fully automated PC control

≻ Capable of producing very thin resultant films



≻ Annealing after ion implantation

≻ III -V semiconductor

≻ Damage recovery after dry etch

≻ Silicide processing




Process Chamber

Stainless steel

Vacuum Pumping Station

Rotary Pump

Temperature Range

100℃ ~ 1000℃ (212℉ ~ 1832℉)

Temperature uniformity

Less than <± 5℃ (41℉) for 50.8mm (2”) wafer

Heating element

Quartz Lamp

Ultimate Pressure

Less than 5.0E-3Torr


626mm(W) x 520mm(D) x 475mm(H) - 24.5”(W) x 20.5” (D) x 18.75” (H)

Korea Vacuum Tech  Bench Top RTP Series

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