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Product Name
Model Bench Top Sputter Series
Series Bench Top
Product Description


Korea Vacuum Tech, Ltd. (KVT) is proud to introduce the latest revolutionary

addition to our product line, the Intelsi-S, small vacuum system. Deposite its compact

convenient size, easy operation and affordability, functionality is in no way sacrificed. 

The modular design of the Intelsi-S makes it highly configurable to meet specific

customer needs and numerous stock options are also available. A fully automated

Laptop PC helps round out this extremely usable yet robust diminutive package.



≻ Easy to operate

≻ No cooling required

≻ Precise reproducible coating

≻ Fully adaptable to a wide range of specimens

≻ Easy loading and unloading of specimens



≻ Extreme versatility

≻ High capacity vacuum pumping

≻ Fully automated PC control

≻ Capable of producing very thin resultant films

≻ Suitable for reactive gas deposition (O2, Ne etc.)



≻ Gold coating for SEM

≻ Metal Deposition such as Al, Au and so on



Intelsi – S

Intelsi - ST

System Dimensions

501mm(W) x 540mm(D) x 421mm(H) – 19.7” x 21.3” x 16.6”


35kg (77.2 lb)

Electrical / Compressed Air

110V/220V, Single Phase, 50/60Hz / 6~7kfg/cm2

Target Size

2 inch (50.8mm) diameter

Pumping Capability

Rotary Pump

Rotary & Turbo Molecular Pump

Gas Supply Unit

Metering Valve


DC Power Supply

Ultimate Pressure

Less than 5.0E-3Torr

Less than 5.0E-6Torr


Auto pumping, Auto process and auto vent using PLC & Simple buttons

Deposition Source

Sputtering Cathode 1EA

Vacuum Gauge(Reading Range)

ATM to 5.0E-3Torr

ATM to 5.0E-6Torr

Throttle Valve


On/Off type

Film Thickness Uniformity

Less than ±5%

Optional Items

Substrate rotation & Z-motion, Substrate Heating, MFC
RF Power supply, QCM thickness Monitor

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