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Product Name
Model PW-2000
Series IR Illuminator
Product Description

• Specially designed Paragon White LED Chip / Over 10 years of LED life time
• Visibility range over 220M/ 15°, 150M/ 25°, 100M/60° at 0.0 Lux darkness
• IP rating: IP67
• Various angles are availble through multiple connection (2units, 3units)
• Adjustable illumination intensity
• Adjustable built-in photocell
• Easy installation with existing IR and D/N camera
• Power: Under 48W, DC16V, AC24V 3A / Dual voltage available
• Dimension: 152(W)x205(L)x67.5(H)mm
• Weight: 1.8kg

Model PW-2000
Item Specification
Lens Collimate Lens
Beam Angle 15° / 25° / 60°
View Range Up to 150m / 80m / 50m at 0.0Lux (1Unit)
Light Cold White
Emitting Device Paragon LED Semi-permanent
Operating Temp -20 oC ~60 oC (In door/Out door)
Operating Humidity 90%Rh
Environmental IP67
Power 12V DC 1.5A
Dimension 111(W)x153.5(L)x98.47(H)mm
Weight 1.0kg (Max)


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