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Korea Association Of Machinery Industry(KOAMI), based on Industry Development law, was founded for the development of the machinery industry in 1969. Also, we established Machinery Financial Cooperative, Machinery Technical Education Centre, Machinery Industry Shared Growth Promoting Foundation, Machinery Technology Research Association and Korea Machinery Auction & Exchange one by one. And now, we are one of the leading machinery industry association of the country.

In addition, 'Machinery Portal Service', a comprehensive information portal site in machinery industry, provides to open a web-site to offer machinery business information, item information of machinery. machinery industry statistics, policy information and a variety of machinery information in real time.

KOAMI will continuously support for the development of members and domestic machinery industry companies by providing competitive services, production-based technology advancement, trade policy support, domestic and international marketing, customized workforce training, shared growth for SMEs and, we will make every effort to be one of the top 5 in global machinery industry until 2020.

Furthermore, we will try our best to reflect a wide range of machinery industry opinion on Government policy and deliver Government policy to the machinery industry companies faithfully.

Continuous interests and participation of machinery industry companies will be highly appreciated.

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