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Roller Burnishng Tool Introduction


Roller burnishing tool can use the plastic deformation of metal at normal temperature to make the surface of workpiece smooth, change the surface structure, mechanical properties, shape and size. Elephants. The tool is a kind of mechanical non-cutting plastic machining method which uses the principle of mechanical extrusion to obtain a smooth mirror-like metal surface.
      It is a kind of pressure finishing, which use the cold plastic characteristics of metal in the normal temperature state, and exerts certain pressure on the surface of the workpiece by roller burnishing tool, so that the surface metal of the workpiece produces plastic flow, fills in the original residual low-pit trough, and reduces the roughness of the workpiece surface. Due to the plastic deformation of the rolled surface metal, the surface microstructure is cold hardened and the grain becomes fine, forming a compact fibrous structure, and forming a residual stress layer. The hardness and strength are improved, thus improving the wear resistance, corrosion resistance and compatibility of the workpiece surface. Roller burnishing is a kind of non-cutting plastic processing method, so this method can achieve both finishing and strengthening purposes, which can not be achieved by grinding and turning.


For roller burnishing operations, the surface is hardened in a short time while the surface roughness is improved ,

and a durable surface is obtained due to compressive residual stresses.

The diameter change of the workpiece is only the amount of pressing on the part surface.

In order to ensure required machining tolerances, it is important to keep the allowance in front of the processes,taking into account the variation of the diameter.

The accuracy of the previous process has a direct effecting on the size after processing.

The change of the diameter varies with the material, hardness and roll.

2-3 experiments were performed to obtain the best machining parameters before continuous machining.


Blind hole roller burnishing tool,it can burnish the throught hole and blind hole products.Hole  diameter 8-200mm is the standard specification.,acceptance of non-standard customization.



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