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Based on faith and trust companies gisulryeokreul major top priority to customer satisfaction and value Yelreo of offering the customers’ future “JEL” We will be a company dedicated to community

During the 30 years of our various industrial machines, JEL, peulrenleu ((power, raw, air transport), production technology and scale of production of the basis of practical experience, has been also established a perfect gisulryeokreul (Pneumatic high pressure, low pressure,) in the field of JUSOUNG.

Philosophy is a scientific approach to engineering design in a wide range of manufacturing facilities with unmatched experience and technology with innovation, based on System designed to determine the successful, and the quality of the final product when the facility Plint, and Clean Environment composition of labor costs, customer the competitiveness and value. System is to provide customers with high-quality material transport Jusoung of all systems and applications are available in a wide range of economic operations and that require strong reliability in a wide range of manufacturing facilities on the System’s technology can Jusoung.

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