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Agi Homo Mixer

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The Republic of Korea


 Homo Mixer  
 Paddle Mixer  
 Material  Stainless Steel(304, 316L)
 Utilities  220~380V / 50~60Hz / 3Phase
 Comp. air supply  
 Capacity  10~5,000L
 Delivery  90~120 Days


•Receptacle part The container is a globular shaped cylinder from the main body. 

The treatment causes the Jacket to heat up, cool and vacuuml function makes pressurized mixing possible. There are also fixed, changeable and tilting types available for the operation. 

•Operation part 

Separate operation part is set up and the mixing parts control ascent & descent, operation, stoppage and rotation or the jacket of the container, equipped with pressure gauge, vaccum gauge within the instrument, utility meter, ammeter and voltmeter can be operated with the simple touch of a button. Also, assembling the main part of operation part is also possible. 

•Frame part of the main body 

The mixing part and the container locates its best position from the solid and safe framework. Also, the ascent & descent equipment from the pressurizing system can be operated by the touch of a button. Tilting or changeable types for operation are available. 

•Insertion & Exertion of Liquid 

Insertion - the insertion of substances are fundamentally done by raising the mixing part, but inserting substances or materials during the operation adds int the Hopper of the Cover. Exertion - It is convenient to exert from the bottom part of the instrument, using the Drainer, tilting methods, from the tank buttom valve or automatic ball value. It is also possible to exert substances by pressurizing the air within the container.


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