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Product Name Inserting Machine
Model JCI-49R/49L
Series Motor Equipment
Product Description

JAEKEON Inserting Machine JCI-49R/49L

JCI-49L automatically inserts coil and wedge into the stator core in which slot insulation paper has been inserted. Suitable for small and medium sized electric motors. JCI-49R model is for mass production lines with its fast response to the change of stator lamination. 


    JCI-49R   JCI-49L
  Adaptive core bore   Φ50 ∼ 70   Φ50 ~ 70
  Adaptive core product stack height   50 ~ 115mm   50 ~ 115mm
  Number of adaptive slot   20 ~ 36 turn   20 ~ 36 turn
  Dimension   1,440W X 1,100L X 2,900H   1,821W X 1,460L X 2,483H
  Weight   1,800kg   2,500kg
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