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▒ It doesn't emit a harmful gas or exhaust gas by using the CLEAN IR heater.
▒ It has a high airtightness itself, and hardly emits the heat, thus makes the working environment clean. Far-infrared ray heater is applied to the heat generation part and makes it work further efficiently even with less electric power. Far-infrared ray conveyer exhibits the optimal heat design to the costumer with its abundant experiences and reader's knowhow according to the needs of customer. In case of existing heater, the center of conveyer has a high temperature, and close to both ends has a low temperature. Thereby, it needs to increase the caloric value at the both ends than the center to keep the consistent temperature. Our company developed a special "far-infrared ray heater" which partially converted the caloric value by 1 heater. Based on the result of many experiments, we could keep the most optimal quantity distribution which meets the costumer needs. By this, it can generate a consistent temperature distribution at any part of conveyer.
▒ Emergency switch, static electricity proof attachment, cooling system, conveyer speed control, temperature disorder alert, belt slanting proof device, overheating proof

ink drying, industrial glue drying, food processing, heat-treated metal of small-sized metal parts, wooden product seal drying. glue drying, printing drying of resistance electric conductor, epoxy coating drying, silk screen printing drying, contraction film heating or various electric parts drying, P. C. B drying, plastic processing drying, pottery frame drying, F. R. P hardening, vehicle parts drying

1. Heater : Far-infrared ray ceramic heater 1.0㎾ × 12EA / PIN HEATER 1.0㎾ × 3EA (1 ZONE)
2. Temperature condition : 40℃~200℃
3. Belt : Tephron fiber belt
4. Belt speed : 0~20m/min
5. Electricity control : Digital P.I.D type 
6. Heating type : Far-infrared ray projection or heat circulation
7. Heat circulation motor : SIEMENS motor 0.4㎾ × 2EA (1 ZONE) )
8. Electricity condition : 220V / 380V 3Ø (order specification)


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