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Series Interior Tile
Product Description

Your space become to gallery.

DE VERRE (DE VERRE [d? vεː?] = It's French, which means 'From the glass.') is an innovative interior material with various types of patterns and colors on in addition to the unique character of the glass. DE VERRE associated with luxury while stylish followed by various color combinations that has never been found in the existing tiles will upgrade your space. With DE VERRE, you can decorate various places including offices, shops and so forth as well as the walls of living rooms and bathrooms. You can also use it as a main material or a focal point of interior design, which would make your space look even shinier. DE VERRE will be with you for your tasteful and sensuous interiors.

Fine Patterns

DE VERRE's unique fine patterns are made by the high vacuum deposition and silk printing technologies which are applied to the 90㎛ of fine patterns created by having the lines repeatedly duplicated. The fine patterns of DE VERRE makes mystical senses with a various color of spectrums based on the visible sights and distances and would make your space far more premium and unique than any other tiles.


1) Standard Size : 300 x 300mm per a piece of tile(Modifiable at customer's request)

2) Thickness : 3mm Base (Adjustable to 5mm, 1cm, 2cm and others.)

3) Materials : Tempered glass, Acryl, PC, PET

4) Applications : Eco friendly constructions without sick building syndrome, harmful substances, or smells. Point interior on indoor walls of living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and so on.

Shop interiorfor premium and fancy spaces including hotels, bars and so on.

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