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Product Name Beam Splitter
Series Mobile
Product Description

The Beam Splitte is a product that is used for dividing the Incident Light into two beams(Refleced/Transmitted) by a designated ratio.


By the characteristic of the thin film coated with light sources, a certain wave becomes a reflected light and a transmitted light, which are divided into two different directions (Generally 90°).


As the light source is repeatedly taken off by a number of Beam Splitte with different thin film characteristics, it can make it applied to the display equipment and also make the optical measurement available. In case of video equipment, by the interference effect of the light created when it is divided into the reflected light and the transmitted light, a bended light is created, which forms sophisticated patterns with contrasts to express a sense of dimensions.

Applied Fields

- 3D Images including Holograms, stereoscopic

  3D videos, etc

- Displays including Beam Projector, LCOS Projection

  TV, etc.

- Optics measuring equipment / Military optical

  equipment / Medical equipment

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