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Product Name IR Filter
Series Mobile
Product Description

IR(Infrared-Ray) Filter is a coating technology that minimizes the light penetration rate of the visible ray waves(400mm~700mm) and selectively allows near infrared ray waves only to penetrate.


This is a vacuum thin film deposition technology that lowers the penetration rate of the visible ray waves and selectively higher the penetration rate of the near infrared ray through the interference radiance by repeatedly coating with high and low refractive agents using the vacuum thin film deposition machine.


By only having specific near infrared ray waves penetrated without interference of the visible ray waves, the performance of the sensor module can be efficient which detects a subject's motion by infrared ray waves through IR LED and gets activated. Also, we can produce not just the existing silver color products but IR filters with a various colors as well with our own technologies.

Applied Fields

- Smart Phone IR sensor.

- Camera Laser Auto Focus.

- Optical mouse/Iris recognition module

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