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Product Name Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System
Model HBN-117, BNP-710F, BNP-710W, BNP-720F, BNP-720W, BNP-730F, BNP-730W, BNP-750A/R, BNP-740, HPS-100B
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Product Description

The purpose of a bridge navigational watch alarm system is to monitor bridge activity and detect operator disability which could lead to marine accidents.
The system monitors the awareness of the Officer of the Watch and automatically alerts the captain or another qualified OOW if for any reason the OOW becomes incapable of performing the OOW's duties.
This purpose is achieved by a series of indications and alarms to alert first the OOW and, if he is not responding, then to alert the Captain or another qualified OOW. Additionally, the BNWAS may provide the OOW with a means of calling for immediate assistance if required. The BNWAS should be operational whenever the ship's heading or track control system is engaged, unless inhibited by the Captain.
System Diagram

System Feature

- User-friendly
- Dimmer control
- Emergency call facility
- Infrared motion sensor
- Auto-run input(Auto pilot, Gyro)
- Power supply DC24V or AC220V
- Fail indicator
- Alarm
  -Standard: 30ea
  -Option: max. 90ea
- Dimension (W x D x H mm) / Weight
  -Wall type: 270 x 110 x 188 / 3Kg
  -Flush type: 210 x 105 x 145 / 2Kg

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