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Founded in 2001, Hankook Hi-Tech Co., Ltd is continuously researching and developing technologies to create claean and beautiful natural environments.

By positively responding to the bans on the dumping and landfill of sewage sludge into the sea and obtaining a written recognition of new technologies, the first of its kind in Korea, from the Ministry of Environment regarding the carbonization treatment of sewage sludge. we are taking the initiative in sewage sludge and organic waste treatment and resource recovery in Korea.

We are also making efforts to leave a better future to our descendents by developing renewable energies making use of household waste and general waste in order to substitute resources which are now being gradually exhausted.

On the basis of abundant experiences in carrying out a lof of sewage sludge drying and carbonization projects for local governments, we are doing our best to meet the requirements of our customers with our advanced tech-nologies and knowhow.

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