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Product Name Mechanical Style, 1-Ton Model
Model HA-1000MS
Series Etc.
Product Description

Power Compost Sprayer (Compost)

Environmentally Friendly Compost for 
Improving Soil

Powerful driving performance
Ease of Maneuvering


Powerful driving performance

American Kohler engine installed, which is the best driving engine, which boasts powerful strength and durability double that of comparable engines Applies a 4-wheel drive, 4-wheel steering, and side brake system (first in Korea)



First high-capacity, self-propelled compost sprayer in Korea (1 ton)


Ease of Maneuvering

Excellent maneuverability and operability due to spraying amount and spraying width adjustment equipment attached


Varied Compost Spraying

All compost, including general organic manure, as well as rough compost can be sprayed


Cutting-edge driving system

It is possible to drive it with exhilaration, as it is soft yet strong, equipped with synchro-mesh gear transmission
Achieved minimal turning radius thanks to the 4-wheel separate steering system (4WS), based on 4-wheel drive, as well as pressure


Outstanding durability against corrosion

Fused alloy coating and highly powerful frame


Client-customized options offered

Disc-shaped, rotary-shaped options available


Equipped with American Kohler engine

The reputable horsepower and outstanding torque durability of Kohler’s Command, Magnum and K-series engines are designed and developed based on CAD/CAM and produced with the finest manufacturing processes.


Power delivery equipment based on electric clutch

We added the versatile carrier system of the automobile concept to the liquefied manure sprayer, which has a limited period of use, in order to design a high-value-added product that can be used in all four seasons in all aspects of farming.


HANA SS Mechanical Style, 1-Ton Model HA-1000MS


HANA SS Mechanical Style, 1-Ton Model HA-1000MS 1

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