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Inclined Plane Wide Area Mower

A new concept of a mower for weeding around reservoirs, rivers, and inclines

Equipped with a powerful track
Automatic stopping when the driver leaves, thanks to the installment of the safety key

Functions in common with wide area/unmanned mowers

- Product life substantially extended with the super powerful hammer knife weeding technique and the shackle blade
- Pressured drive engine radiator and normal/reverse rotation cleaning pan installed: prevents engine from overheating by removing grass and dust from the radiator
- Weeding piece normal/reverse rotation functions: forward/backward weeding work and a function preventing scattering


Super powerful, super high-speed inclined plane wide area mower
(weeding width of 1.55m, equipped with a 49ps maximum engine)

Weeding work on extremely inclined surfaces of 45˚(Alarm for when working on inclines of more than 35˚)

Weeding piece side slide function: Can mow edges (500 mm)


Driver’s seat horizontality control system (both automatic and manual uses available)

The system keeps the driver’s seat level regardless of the tilting of the machine body


Automatic stopping when the driver leaves, thanks to the installment of the safety key


Normal/reverse rotation blade for the pressured drive style

Since you may exchange the drive belt, the operating efficiency is rapidly improved. The flexible normal and reverse rotation functions of the 80 rotating blades 
even solve the problem of scrub and kudzu vines, thus reducing scattered objects.


Installed blade part uses a shackle

- When an obstacle, such as a rock, hits the blade, it softens the impact, thus substantially extending the life of the blade.
- Improved operating efficiency thanks to a reduction in the number of times needed to exchange blades.
- Vines and grass do not wind easily around the blade


Weeding piece slide function (right side 500mm)

It is also possible to do weeding on the edges while riding the machine that has functioned thus far as a mower

Equipped with a powerful track

- The most powerful drive system among comparable products
- Outstanding durability
- Increased shock buffer effect with the installation of buffer equipment (tandem) on the roller
- Exhibits outstanding operating performance and stable driving performance using the track, which holds strong against slipping
- The track tension adjustment method is the same as that of heavy equipment (using grease)


Driver’s Seat Automatic Horizontality Control Equipment

- Even if the car body tilts left or right, the driver’s seat always remains horizontal and level.
- You cannot feel fatigued, since you can operate it stably in comfortable posture.

Expected Effects

- Can remove at the source contamination due to the spraying of agricultural chemicals from the surrounding environment and water for living
- When doing work with manpower, it does not at all become exposed during safety accidents or accidents due to insects, snakes, etc.
- Gets rid of regions that have abandoned work due to aging or a labor shortage of farm villages and creates a cleaner environment.

Manufactured in technological alliance with Japan’s Canicomcompany, this product, the wide-area weeder, is integrated with a plethora of convenient equipment and the most-cutting edge technologies.

HANA SS Manned Model, 1545 mm HA-CG431

HANA SS Manned Model, 1545 mm HA-CG431 1


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