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Product Name Deck Machinery
Series Marine Machinery Division
Product Description

Deck Machinery
FLUTEK deck machinery guarantees high pressured capability  with low noise, long service-life, and excellent reliability.


Hydraulic Deck Machinery

- Quiet operation is maintained since FLUTEK pump has good noise reduction features including our exclusively developed silencer.
- Simple and compact constitutions are gained since all components are small and light on account of the high pressure system
- Smooth and step-less and controls are available simply by operating the control stand lever.
- Even in the event of an accident, such as power failure or damage to piping, while being lifted, the load can safety be retained thanks to the counter balance valve directly coupled to the motor.

Electric Deck Machineryy

- Pole Change Type and Inverter Type
- High efficiency, low noise and eco-friendly systems are available
- High durability and type and inverter type

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