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Wireless communication business in IT field is spotlighted as a business of the 21st century that will lead us into the future. After "Bluetooth" technology for short range wireless communication function is embedded as a default in smartphones, a modern living necessity, numerous companies around the world start to change their products from existing format of using wired communication to wireless communication enabled products from and develop products that interlock with smartphones. Wireless communication is used in numerous areas including home network, building automation system, lighting, various equipment controls and energy business. Recently, companies related to medical device and healthcare announced products coming with wireless communication capability.

To be successful in this fast changing wireless communication market, our company not also own the highest level of technologies but also proceed with consulting and customized technical support for companies that try to change their product offerings from existing wired communication based ones to wireless communication based ones besides product development and manufacturing.

We, at Firmtech, pledge to make efforts to become a leader of innovation in this business as a specialized wireless solution developer. Further, we will take initiatives in developing various solutions and products for the advancement of cutting edge IT industry to be a global leader in the world market. Finally, I'd like to appreciate for the patronage our customers have shown to us and we will do our best to satisfy our customers.

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