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As a result of the partnership between the Korean Institute of Machinery and Eun Sung Technics, Stainless Steel Clad Pipe was manufactured in Korea for the first time, Eun Sung Technics specializes in stainless steel and bronze metal, and is a leader in designing. manufacturing and installing esthetic building materials, such as windows and doors, balcony handrails, revolving doors, shutters and curtain walls,Based on the values of innovation and sincerity, we have pursued technical development, like plant automation, and gained a competitive edge by improving quality, lowering costs and increasing productivity, As a result of our achievements, productivity and customer support and cooperation, Eun Sung has become a leader in the metal industry in relatively short period of time.

Eun Sung products can withstand the test of time due to our innovative designs and commitment to research and development. Our competent staff, in the 21st Century, will work closely with customers to ensure thier needs are met and to improve the quality of their life.

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