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EUNSUNG CHEMICAL was 1987 founded 28 years has been accumulated career field experience, listen to voice of the customer, by the technical foundation sophisticated pro-environment make green energy products business. While the electric switching sub-prime , soundproof insulation, air purifying filter, heat recovery ventilator (electric heat exchanger) direct production and sales of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Our company’s main units are sold to government agencies tune up service to public institutions (schools, community) and public enterprises.
In order to provide the best products to satisfy customers, most on me and the service staff of the company today also committed to technology development and quality innovation.

The results of such efforts our company’s products are designated in June 2014 the government transfer of outstanding products and acquire green technologies recognized sign, At the same kinds of companies for two consecutive years won the national government performance tune up the first one of the first results of a performance and service satisfaction. Domestic sales also reached the amount of 20 billion circle, overseas exports of 300,000 US dollars.

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