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Envioneer Co., Ltd. took the first step in 2001 with strong convictions and passion to try to be a front-runner in the environmental industry field under the motto that it is "the company which considers human and environment". We now focus on the development of products and services which can minimize harmful factors to the environment according to rapid industrial development and develop and sell liquid & air filter and filter paper based on the differentiated professional technical skills.

Especially, the electropositive charge microfiber media has a global competitive power through long-term R&D projects. Now, it's being used in wide range of water treatment fields such as household water purifier, industrial water treatment facilities and nuclear power plants.

Our filter media manufacturing line is a highly consistent. Having a leading technology to make a convergence with various materials, we expand the technology not only liquid/air filter materials but also other types new high-tech nonwoven materials.

Envioneer Co., Ltd. which entered the new take-off stage tries to ensure that environmental business is the true growth industry based on the field of filter development and high-tech nonwoven materials. We will make sure to succeed in its business through the research and development and the aggressive marketing strategy.

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