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We promise to make contributions to improve the environment and the people`s quality of life by developing sole technology and distributing it in the global market.

The management of Ecoset is very proud that since 1970s, we have professionally produced water treatment devices and water distributing boards in large companies and enterprise of middle standing and have contributed to the national development.

After the CEO of Ecoset established Hyolim Industry, an enterprise of middle standing in the field of water treatment equipment field, he worked as a shareholder/CEO and developed it to become the largest professional manufacturing company in Korea with his experience and know-how in Hyundai Heavy Industries.

Based on the experience, the management with more than 30-year-long know-how and young talented people perform R&D and achieve a lot of patents, new technologies by product, performance certification, and excellent procurement joint trademark. Based on largest market share in Korea, Ecoset advanced into the American market with its subsidiaries and got the approval of Title 22 guided by EPA and NWRI Guideline for the 4th time in the world (Open Channel UV) in the field of reusing water and sewage treatment. After getting officially certified by the state of California in October 2013, Ecoset now actively exports into the U.S, China, Hong Kong, and other Asian countries.

Executives and staff members of Ecoset promise that they will make contributions to improve the living environment and the quality of life of people in the world by developing sole technology and distributing it in the global market.

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