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Product Name Metal
Series Material
Product Description

Metal marking & cutting

Most of the metal, can be marking and cutting with a laser. Workpiece clean marking and cutting of precise and complex structure than the method of processing the metal in other ways are possible. CNC machines can be processed a brittle metal such as aluminum using a cutting oil.


Kind of metal

Iron, copper, nickel, solder, stainless steel, titanium, tungsten, aluminum, anodized aluminum, carbide, coated metal etc.


Metal Marking

Various metals, logos, bar codes, QR code, artwork, etc. Permanently marking without damage of the material is available. Depending on the metal material, it can be marked with a color of your choice.
Our application machinery: EL-MK serise (Fiber laser), CNC equipment


Metal cutting

You can cut most of the metal. Cut with a CO2 laser and Fiber laser is available. A thickness of less than 1mm is possible with CO2 laser, it more than is possible in Fiber laser.
Our application machinery : EL-1390LKM (CO2 laser), EL-1325LKM (Fiber laser), EL-3015LKM (Fiber laser), CNC equipment

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