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Product Name Vertical High Productivity & Heavy Duty
Model DNM 6700, 650HS
Series Machining Centers
Catalog Vertical High Productivity & Heavy Duty.pdf
Product Description

The vertical high-durability, high-performance machining center enables powerful cutting and high-speed precision machining.


Product Overview

Global Standard Vertical Machining Center

- Highest machining capacity of the class realized with further increased cutting space, table size, allowable load and spindle power/torque 
- Minimized vibration and noise due to adoption of direct-coupled spindles (DNM 650HS: built-in motor) 
- Reduced idling time with faster tool change and acc/dec rates of spindle and feed shafts 
- Spindle thermal error compensation function as standard for stable cutting 
- Grease lubrication system as standard for enhanced work environment 


Doosan Machine Tools Vertical High Productivity & Heavy Duty DNM 6700, 650HS

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