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  • Dongwoo Apex Industrial

    About Supplier

    We`re aim to be honest career magnifically with high Technology and reliable rather than fastest way.

    We`re appreciate for all who are interested in our company.

    We, all staffs, always have been learned to become your best partner as developing quality and increasing production.

    We, Motto “Respect for man`s dignity, Customer surprise and Fun working place”

    The future and internationalization, we do have development and challenge with all efforts.

    Wish you tremendous success in everything you do.

    We promise that we`re best to do everything for customer.

    51, Beoman-ro 15-gil, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea

    Product List

    Printing / Packing Industry

    LED Inspection Board
    Color Control System
    Print Inspection System
    Ink Circulation System


    Surface Web Inspection System
    Corona Treatment M/C
    Powder Clutch & Brake
    Electrostatic Assist System