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Product Name Fully Automatic Seamless Glove Knitting Machine
Model DS Series
Series Glove Knitting Machine
Product Description

It is needless to say that diversification of products to meet needs of customers requires high production of
a limited assortment of goods. In order to meet such requirements, we have focused our efforts on manufacturing
of glove knitting machines that can help improve productivity. in out constant pursuit of innovation and effective
engineering solutions, we have applied for more than 20 patents including utility model patents. We provide glove
knitting machines for small & medium sized companies to flexibly meet requirements of ever-changing markets,
from cotton work gloves to colorful fashion gloves, multiple processes including knitting, printing and coating are
incorporated into a single system that is totally localized to challenge the world market. 

DONGSUNG Fully Automatic Seamless Glove Knitting Machine DS Series

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