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Product Name Torque Motor
Series AC Small Geared Motor & Gearhead
Product Description

Torque Motor
- Suitable for controlling tension and pushing in winding operations
- Possible for reverse rotation  

Torque motors are designed for providing high torque and sloping characteristics (torque is highest at zero speed and decreases steadily as speed increases), and operate stably over a wide speed range.

Various Speed over a wide range
The torque is approximately in proportion to the square of the voltage. Easy speed control is available by changing the voltage of the power supply.

Suitable for windling application
In an application where an object is released continuously at a constant speed and wound up with constant tension, the torque must be doubled and the speed must be halved if the diameter of winding spool is doubled.

Locked Operation
Torque motors are designed to provide stable torque even under stall conditions or at very low speeds (nearly stop). It is available only in torque motors not in induction motor or reversible motors, They are suitable for pushing applications that require static torque, or for loads that are usually under a locked rotor condition and are under stall conditions at the end of processes. 

Use as a brake
By using the motor in the braking region of the speed-torque characteristics, it can be used as a brake.


DKM Motors Torque Motor

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