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Product Name Brake Motor
Series AC Small Geared Motor & Gearhead
Product Description

Brake Motor
- Suitable for operation where load should be maintained
- Stop in 0.2 sec. when switched off
- Overrun: 2-3 times
- Possible for reverse rotation

Power Off Activated Type Electromagnetic Brake
AC electromagnetic brake is employed in electromagnetic brake motors. When the power source is turned off, the brake is activated and the motor stops instantaneously and holds the load. The electromagnetic brake has holding power in power-off, so it is optimal for emergency brakes and vertical load applications.

- There is 1-4 times of over run rotation at the time the power is turned off as individual motor. 
 ( Induction motor : 30~40 times over run, Reversible motor : 5~6 times over run)
- The frequent and instantaneous directional changes are possible. By a simple control, it is possible to make 6 stops per minute with more than 3 seconds of stoppage. Roughly the operating cycle is 50cylces per minute or less. 
 ( Note : This value is based merely on brake response. And this value is maximum, so it may not be possible to repeat braking operation at this frequency. Please make the treatment so that the surface of the motor case remains below 90℃(144℉).
- The motor and the brake use the same power source.
 (For example, if motor voltage is 110V, that of brake is 110V.)

※It is not possible to use inverter for three phase 380~440V motor. When inverter is used, the insulation of winding coil becomes hot and may cause damage to the motor.


DKM Motors Brake Motor

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