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Product Name Reversible Motor
Series AC Small Geared Motor & Gearhead
Product Description

Reversible Motor
- Suitable for frequent reverse operation
- Stop in 0.5 sec. when switched off
- Overrun: 5-6 times
- Possible for reverse rotation

Suitable for Bi-directional Continuous Operation
Reversible motors are designed for applications where frequent switch of direction is required. It is condenser run and single-phase type induction motor. So its basic features including speed, torque and voltage are same with that of induction motors.
For the function of frequent bi-directional operation within short time, the temporary brake is employed. 

The Rating time : 30-Minutes
Reversible motors are designed for bi-directional operation within short time so it can’t avoid very high loss of input.
So generally its temperature rising could be more severe than induction motor.
As a result, the rated operating time could be limited to 30 minutes.
But please be informed that depending on operating condition, they can be operated for more 30 minutes if it is operated intermittently.

Brake Mechanism of the Reversible Motor
A reversible motor employed a simple and built-in brake mechanism for the following purposes. :
ⓐ To improve the frequent and instant reversing function by applying a friction load.
ⓑ To reduce overrun


DKM Motors Reversible Motor

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