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Product Name Induction Motor
Series AC Small Geared Motor & Gearhead
Product Description

Induction Motor

- Constant speed with continuous operation
- Stop in 2 sec. when switched off
- Overrunn: 30-40 times
- Possible for reverse rotation

Suitable for Uni-directional Continuous Operation
Induction motors are for uni-directional continuous operation such as conveyor belt system.

Meet Safety Standards and Global Power Supply Voltages
The most parts of models conform to CE and CCC marking. And they meet power supply voltage of North America, Asia and Europe.

Single Phase Run
For a single phase motor run, please use the condenser complying with the capacity of that motor.
For a single-phase induction motor, it is not possible to reverse the direction within a short time during operation.
So stop the motor first and change the direction next.

Three Phase Run
Three phase induction motor has relative higher starting torque comparing single phase and has high reliability because it can be operated by a three-phase power source directly.

※It is not possible to use inverter for three phase 380~440V motor. When inverter is used, the insulation of winding coil becomes hot and may cause damage to the motor. 


DKM Motors Induction Motor

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