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Since its establishment in 1978, Nam-Kwang Engineering & Construction is positioning itself as a specialized company for test equipments in divisions of Industrial Damper and Aerospace. Its major production items are divided into a division which requires accumulation of top-notch technology and experience such as Damper and Gate applied to Process Line of Cement, Chemical, and Power plant and a division of test equipments to perform development and verification in a field of Aerospace.

Our Damper division has been proven for its performance upon localization by introducing technology through licensed production and business alliance in connection with prominent business abroad and internal development of technology meanwhile.
We are trying to maximize customer satisfaction on the standpoint of our customers by corresponding to demands from various customers and developing Application.

Our division of test equipments is participating in national businesses such as KSR and KTX by system integration, development of test equipments, and development of parts and has also contributed in the launch of KSR-lll which is the nation's first liquid-propelled Rocket and the successful ground test of KSLV-1 as a co-work company for development of specialized test equipments in connect with supervised company since 1997.

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