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To achieve the company motto, “Customer Oriented Total Service,” DaiHan Scientific is working hard on product development and also supplying the best lab test tools and products that are needed at the labs, using excellent product distribution through a system of global cooperation which links about 270 scientific device makers in Korea and overseas.

The ‘DAIHAN Family’ sales organization is a nationwide partner network encompassing two sales branches and 41 agencies. It handles about 30,000 types of lab tools. As a department store for scientific lab tools with competitiveness and vision, DaiHan Scientific is executing well organized and systematic business to provide accurate and high quality service for our customers throughout Korea.

Since its establishment in 1980, to respond to our customers’ consistent support, DaiHan Scientific has been providing comprehensive DAIHAN Catalogs 12/13 for users’ convenience and it is the largest, and only comprehensive scientific lab tool supply system in Korea. All the products contained in the DAIHAN Catalog can be easily searched for and purchased at the largest domestic lab tool shopping mall, “All for lab” ( and also various additional services can be provided.

With our own advanced control system, DaiHan Scientific is developing various types of basic lab tools. Our manufacturing equipment is supplied to renowned research institutes due to their high quality and reliability and they are sold under the unique brand, Wisd®, to about 55 countries in the world including in Europe, North America and Japan. In particular, the world’s first Smart-Lab System and touch screen system are unique products of DaiHan Scientific that the world is watching closely. It is a good example to indicate the future vision of DaiHan Scientific, “Small but strong company in the globe”.

From now on, to respond to support from all of our customers committed to scientific and technological research in the bio, environmental, chemical, material and electrical fields, DaiHan Scientific will be renewed in their efforts as a total service company who can help your development and lab work, not only as a lab tool maker and distributor.

For this purpose, we will consistently discover new outstanding items, acquire more diverse product groups, implement an innovative distribution system, and a technology support system. We will always make our best efforts to improve your research lab environment and endeavor to contribute to the development of basic science in Korea.

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