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Product Name
Model DS-R15
Series Mono Flex (Industrial)
Product Description

Displacement : 19.6 cc/rev.  
Pressure : Max. 2.4 Bar  
Viscosity : Max. 5,000 cp 
Temperature : Max. 120 ℃

A: 200mm, B: 270mm, C: 175mm, D: 200mm, E: 210mm, F: 70mm, G: 45mm, H: 130mm, J: 29mm, K: 55mm, 
L: 280mm, M: 26mm, Inlet & Outlet Dia.: 15A-PT, Diameter for 4 Holes of Base: 13mm 

Applications : Waste-Water, Chemical, Excretions, Sea-Water, Food, etc..

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