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Product Name
Model DS-L20
Series Lobe Flex (Industrial)
Product Description

Displacement : 64 cc/rev.  
Pressure : Max. 10 Bar  
Viscosity : Max. 1,000,000 cp 
Temperature : Max. 200 ℃


A: 100 mm, B: 100mm, C: 230mm, D: 55mm, E: 55mm, F: 36mm, G: 64mm, H: 100mm, I-1: 29mm, I-2: 127mm, J: 30mm, K: 22mm, L-1: 259mm, L-2: 357mm, M: 180mm, N: 8x7, O: 126.5mm, Diameter for 4 Holes of Base: 9mm 
Applications : Chemicals, Oil, Waste Water, Excretions, etc..

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