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Daekwang Metal What is V-LOCK nut?

Daekwang Metal What is V-LOCK nut?  1


ㆍAn anti-loosening nut with a nut’s screw thread deformation technology that induces double contact with a bolt

V-LOCK Nut is manufactured in the shape of two tangential parts (the first and second tangential parts), which are engaged to the threaded rod of V-LOCK Nut in a direction of release with the screw thread of a general bolt. It maximizes the frictional force of the thread of a bolt and the threaded rod of a V-LOCK Nut and provides the anti-loosening function when vibrations and shocks occur.

ㆍApplicable to general bolt (deformed threaded rod of the screw for general nut standards)

ㆍPatented technology (No. 10-1556265) and production development with Daekwang Metal’s own technology

ㆍAffordable price compared to competitors [same manufacturing process with the general nut manufacturing process and special screw thread processing tap (V-LOCK NUT TAP) is applied]

ㆍEqual torque as tightening and releasing general nuts → Increase work efficiency

ㆍWashers, double nuts and adhesives are not required → Reduce the cost because of a single nut

– Components which maintenance is difficult
– Components used under extreme vibration
– Applicable widely to all industries

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