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    6-Port Manifold
    TMFO 2529

    Product Description

    DaeJin Hydraulic Machinery 6-Port Manifold TMFO 2529

    Product List

    Hydraulic Cylinder

    Single-acting Cylinders
    TS-Series, TS-55, TS-510, TS-515, TS-520, TS-105, TS-1010, TS-1015, TS-1020, TS-205, TS-2010, TS-2015, TS-2020, TS-305, TS-3010, TS-3015, TS-3020, TS-505, TS-5010, TS-5015, TS-5020, TS-10010, TS-10015
    Double-acting Cylinders
    TDC-515, TDC-530, TDC-1015, TDC-1030, TDC-2015, TDC-2030, TDC-3015, TDC-3030, TDC-5015, TDC-5030, TDC-10015, TDC-10030, TDC-15015, TDC-15030, TDC-20015, TDC-20030, TDC-30015, TDC-30030, TDC-50015, TDC-50030, TDC-80015, TDC-80030, TDC-100015, TDC-100030
    Shorty Cylinders
    TSSC-1044, TSSC-2044, TSSC-3044, TSSC-5050, TSSC-10050, TSSC-15050, TSSC-20050
    Single-acting Center Hole Cylinders
    TCH-1041, TCH-2050, TCH-3063, TCH-5075, TCH-10075
    Low Profile Cylinders
    TSLC-56, TSLC-1011, TSLC-2011, TSLC-3013, TSLC-5016, TSLC-7516, TSLC-10016, TSLC-15016
    Double-acting Center Hole Cylinders
    TDCH-10254, TDCH-30210, TDCH-50156, TDCH-100168
    Disk Ram Type
    TDR-30010, TDR-50010, TDR-80010, TDR-100012, TDR-150012
    Lock Nut Cylinders
    TLN-30200, TLN-50200, TLN-100230, TLN-150230, TLN-200230
    Propeller Fitting Jacks
    TPFJ-5012, TPFJ-10010, TPFJ-10015, TPFJ-20020, TPFJ-20011
    Aluminum Cylinders
    TAR-2050, TAR-20100, TAR-20150, TAR-3050, TAR-30100, TAR-30150, TAR-5050, TAR-50100, TAR-50150, TAR-10050, TAR-100100, TAR-100150, TAR-15050, TAR-150100, TAR-150150

    Hydraulic Tool

    Hydraulic Pipe Benders
    TPB-2, TPB-3, TPB-4
    Bolt Tensioners
    TBT-M20, TBT-M24, TBT-M30, TBT-M36, TBT-M42, TBT-M48, TBT-M56, TBT-M64, TBT-M72, TBT-M80, TBT-M90, TBT-M100
    Nut Splitters
    TNS-1415, TNS-32.520
    Hydraulic Flange Spreader
    TFS-661, TFS949
    Hydraulic Pullers
    TPUL-10, TPUL-20, TPUL-30, TPUL-50
    TLJ-52.5, TLJ-105, TLJ-2010, TLJ-3015
    Welding Jack Pump
    TWJ 5-Series, TWJ 5-580, TWJ 5-650, TWJ 5-750, TWJ 5-680
    Aluminum Pulling Jacks
    TAPJ-10150, TAPJ-20150, TAPJ-30150, TAPJ-30200, TAPJ-50150, TAPJ-50200, TAPJ-100150
    Hydraulic Punch
    TPUN-2410, TPUN-2416-07, TPUN-2416-11, TPUN-2420, TPUN-3222
    Angle Cutters
    TAC-50, TAC-75, TAC-100
    Notching Machine
    Rod Cutter

    Hand Pump

    Foot Pump
    Hand Pump
    THP-1AB, THP-1A, THPA-1B, THPA-1C, THP-2B, THP-3A, THP-3B, THP-28
    Foot Pump

    Motor Pump

    Hydraulic Pump (AC Pump)
    TMPB1/2-M, TMPB1/2-S, TMPB1-M, TMPB1-S, TMPB1-2S, TMPB2-M, TMPB2-2S
    Air Motor Pump
    Engine Hydraulic Pump
    TEP2-M, TEP5-2S, TEP5-M
    충전식 배터리 펌프
    TDPM 1/3-S
    Electric Hydraulic Pumps
    TMP 1/3, TMP 1/2, TMP 1, TMP 2, TMP 3, TMP 5
    AC Pump (Mini Pump)
    TMPM 1/3-S
    DC Pump

    Electric Tool

    스테인리스 파이프 압착 공구
    충전식 유압 압착 공구
    TBCP 400-32
    충전식 유압 압착 공구
    TBCP 400-40
    충전식 유압 압착 공구
    TBCP 400-20
    충전식 유압 압착 공구
    TBCP 185/300
    충전식 유압 압착 공구
    TBCP 240
    충전식 유압 천공기
    충전식 유압 압착 공구
    TBCP 25
    충전식 유압 절단 공구
    TBCC 32
    충전식 유압 절단 공구
    TBCC 40/55B
    충전식 유압 절단 공구
    TBCC 55/85
    충전식 유압 절단 공구
    TBRC 16
    Hydraulic Cutting Tool
    TCP 240-N
    Hydraulic Cutting Tool
    Hydraulic Cutting Tool
    TCP 400-20-N
    Hydraulic Cutting Tool
    TTCP 630-N/1000-N
    Hydraulic Cutting Tool
    TTCP 100-N
    Hydraulic Cutting Tool
    TCP 240
    Hydraulic Cutting Tool
    TCP 400-32
    Hydraulic Cutting Tool
    TCP 400-20
    Hydraulic Cutting Tool
    TCC 40-N, TCC55B-N, TCC85B-N, TCC100-N, TCC132-N
    Hydraulic Cutting Tool
    TCC 55/85-N
    수동 유압식 절단 공구
    TCC 24/40
    수동 유압식 절단 공구
    수동 유압식 절단 공구
    유압식 압착 공구
    TKOP-2, TKOP-4, TKOP-P2, TKOP-P4
    Wire Rope Cutting Machine
    스테인리스 파이프 압착 공구
    TBSREQ 25, TSREQ 25-N
    수동 벤딩기
    유압 천공기
    TKOP-2, TKOP-4, TKOP-P2, TKOP-P4
    Cable Cutter
    TCC75-N, TCC75, TCC100-N, TCC85-N
    Wire Cutter
    Hydraulic Knockout Punch
    Hose Crimping Press
    Terminal Crimping Press
    TC 325/325-N
    Terminal Crimping Press
    Portable Battery Operated Tools
    Portable Battery Operated Tools
    Portable Battery Operated Tools
    Portable Battery Operated Tools
    Portable Battery Operated Tools
    Stainless Pipe Jointer
    TNC-100, TRC-25
    Portable Battery Operated Tools
    Ratchet Hand Bender

    Hydraulic System

    Battery Brock Lift
    Battery Block Lift
    Steel Support Removing Hydraulic JIG
    Block Lift
    30Ton Powder Forming Press
    1.5 Ton Reel Stand
    2Ton Reel Stand
    C-Section Steel Punching
    Block Lift (Heracles)
    Hydraulic Automatic Pullers
    Table Lift
    Aluminum Lock Nut Cylinder
    10Ton C-Type Press
    Shop Press
    500Ton Press
    Plate Cutters


    Manual Valve
    TCV 2000
    Solenoid Valve
    TSV 3200
    Stop Valve / Needle Valve
    TMV 2575, TMV 2577
    4-Port Manifold
    TMF 2544
    2-Port Manifold
    TMF 2522
    6-Port Manifold
    TMFO 2529
    3-Port Manifold
    TMFY 2529
    Pressure Adapter & Block
    TGA 7001, TGA 7002
    Pressure Gauge
    TPG Series, TPG 64, TPG 100, TPF 100-25
    Hydraulic Hose
    THS Series, THS 700, THS 1000, THS 1800, THS 2500
    Pin Type Coupler
    TBC 381M, TBC 381F
    Ball Type Coupler
    TBC 382M, TBC 382F
    One Touch Type Coupler
    TBC 384M, TBC 384F
    Pressure Switch
    TPSC 7000
    Wire Rope Swage Press
    TSP-10, TSP-20, TSP-30
    Shop Press
    TSPM-20, TSPM-30, TSPM-50, TSPM-100, TSPM-150, TSPM-200
    Hydraulic Rock Splitter Cylider
    TRB-1, TRB-21
    Electric Motor Pump