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After founded as Korean Trading Company in 1985, we Daehan Steel Co., Ltd. started the iron plate business starting from iron plate, wholesale and retail business. Our company was converted into a corporation of Daehan Steel Co., Ltd. in July 1994 by repeating steady sales growth and expansion with sincerity and credit. As of July 2004, our company was moved to Noksan Industrial Complex in Gangseo-gu, Busan with the drastic facility investment and constant quality innovation efforts, and is equipped with large rotary Shear, slitters and mini rotary Shear to meet the needs of the demander and is supplying high quality imported steel plates such as POSCO, Dongkuk Steel, Hyundai Steel, and Chinese Capital Steel.

DAEHANSTEEL Co., Ltd. is recognized for its technology specialized in exporting iron plate in China, Mexico, Brazil, India, Japan, Poland, Iran and Vietnam.

In addition, we have been awarded the $ 10 Million Tower Award in 1999 and the $ 50 Million Tower Award in 2011. We have grown to become an export specialist SME.

As a small and medium-sized company that has grown for 33 years since foundation, we made efforts to find opportunities in crisis by seeking a way out of export even in the IMF crisis of 1997 and overcome the difficult economic crisis by finding the answer in export. In this process of overcoming this crisis, we have accumulated our own export know-how and were able to diversify our export destination countries such as China, Mexico, Brazil, India, Japan, Poland, Iran, Vietnam with unrivaled technology in the export toll processing field based on technology specialized in export processing. Through this, starting with the export $10 million tower award from the Korea International Trade Association in November 1999, we have grown as a SME specializing in export by receiving export $20 million tower award in December 2008 (CEO presidential citation) and export $50 million tower award in December 2011.

Our company pursued exemplary corporate management and also spared no social exemplary efforts as seen in the cases of being selected as an excellent company in Busan in 2009 and selected as a sincere taxpayer by National Tax Service in 2009. Employees of Daehan Steel Co., Ltd. will make every effort to inform the world of the superiority of Korean steel products and to help increase exports.

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