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    Casting Automation System
    Automation System

    Product Description

    Providing the best FA machinery for Gravity casting and Afterword

     - Providing to Cylinder-Head low pressure casting production line

     - Developing and providing ENG-Block low pressure casting production line

     - Highest number of providing Casting FA machinery

     - Constructing vehicle engine block and head casting production line

     - Constructing Low pressure casting production line

     - Construction After treatment Line

     - Constructing independent-developed machinery: e.g. deaerator, Spruce cutter, Bottom milling, Gantryrotor

     - Constructing independent-developed machinery: e.g. Coolant tank and Trimming press

     - Constructing independent-developed machinery: e.g. Robot Hand Gripper





    Product List

    Automation System

    Factory Automation System
    Casting Automation System
    3D Robot Simulation
    Sand Core Robot Automation System