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We are specialized in manufacturing Composite Material Bearings, Hydraulic Seals, Hudraulic Cylinder Wear Rings, and Wear Strips etc.

ChoKwang composite Material is a laminated plastic material made by impregnating Fabrics with thermosetting resins such as Phenol Resin, Polyester Resin, Epoxy Resin etc. And the physical and mechanical properties of all grades is composed if excellent bearing materials.

Chokwang Composite is a non-metallic fabric reinforced resin bearings containing hiht load, high impact, self-lubricating, composite materials.

our textiles and thermosetting resins are blended with Graphite, Molybdenum, PTFE and other proper lubricants which solves for such industries as Heavy Equipment, Oil Field, Hydraulic Cylinders, Automotive, Agriculture, Chemical Plants, Pulp Factory, Marine etc.

Non-metallic and non-conductible fabric reinforced resin bearing contained with solid lubricant provides sefficient self-lubricating resistance.

As the model company, we guarantee high-quality products, price competitiveness and on-time delivery for satisfaction of our customers, which have ISO Certificate, Certificate of Origin and oter certificates according to policies for them.

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