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Product Name Cake Hopper
Series Wastewater Treatment Apparatus
Product Description

The conventional sludge hopper hopper amrol the car driver is manually moved after the drip tray up for the weak points of loading the sludge hopper by opening the gate to significantly improve the convenience by amrol car driver to move the drip tray over the air.



Primary or final treated CAKE such a plant being ever the water receptacle and the GATE works to facilitate the export to the equipment that can temporarily store various types of waste reducing manpower and time, so the remote controllable using a wired or a pneumatic or motor-driven

※ standard
•Format: drip-type automatic release
•Capacity: 5 ~ 30 ㎥ Sludge cakes


•Using a cylinder to operate to facilitate the storage of GATE water discharge
•Environmental improvements and enhanced ease of use by allowing you to remotely adjust the drip tray
•CAKE storage of the anti-odor in a closed state and maintaining cleanliness of the surrounding environment 

※ For safety and convenience of the operator to be installed, designed, built with sufficient reliability and practicality.

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