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As we are a specialized manufacturing company for projection screen and projector lift related with AV projector, we are always providing new concept, new R&D, and new products, to vitalize its own market and to maximize the customer satisfaction. So, it is true that we have a good reputation about the quality and function from the market, according to Caspi manual screen, Caspi tripod screen, Caspi motorized screen, Caspi portable screen and Caspi projector lift. Futhermore, it is our excellent point that we have a high AV solution from small size to big size including complicated control system, rather than other companies in this field.

Another main business of ours is related with medical equipment. We started the medical business by launching the thermal massage bed long time ago over the world successfully, which have received a excellent reputation to improve the back pain and to vitalize the body's metabolism efficiently. On the basis of such a successful experience, we are concentrating on our R&D to develop medical laser equipments as well as functional medical beds these days.

We are sure that we will take a leap into market leading company, by our innovative R&D to satisfy customers, finally, we understand that such a leap will be very helpful to create a good society.

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