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BUSAN GASEOL PRECISION CO., LTD. is a manufacturer of scaffolding products. We have come to the realization that consumers desire affordable and relialbe scaffolding products.

In this realization, we have strongly invested in our Research & Development (R&D) and obtained many viable outcomes. The consumer will also benefit from our fo-cus on their needs for convenience and safty in using our products. We have several patents and designs on the products, and prossess safety certificates that go above and beyond the standards of the products as well as ISO9001:2008.

We pride ourselves in our tehcnology-based management which allows for low margins of error. This technology-based management is in conjunction with a so phisticated robotic welding production line and includes reinforced riveting to en sure the highest standards in our products.

We stand firmly in not producing a product of inferior quality, but strive on production efficienicies to keep our cost low and pass those savings onto the consumer, This consistent supply of high quality products clearly differentiates us from other manufacturers

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