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Product Name Agricultural Space Heater
Model BH-200
Series Product
Product Description

Automatic control of 21century type!
Powerful hot-wind and epoch-making save fuel!

Products feature

1.Automatic changing temperature controller with 4 steps
  (Control box)
2.Semi-automatic system device
3.Temperature sensor separation
4.Automatic device of electromagnetic excessive contact breaker
5.Automatic ventilation device
6.Special combustion room and exchanger
7.Ventilator, order starter device
8.Alarm sound, alarm lamp device
9.Control thunderbolt protecting device  


Products using place

· Agricultural
  Cucumber, Melon, Red pepper, Flowering glass,
  Stawberry, Tomato, Water melon, Pumpkin, Grape,
  Orange, Mushroom, Jujube, Tabacco plant, Chinese
  matrimony vine, Medicinal herbs ect.
· Livestock : Chicken farm, Cow-house, Pigsty.
· Marine
  Nursery, Marine products drying place, Shrimp, Dried laver,
  Brown seaweed. Salted dry fish.
· Industrial
  Workshop heating, Manufacture dryness (Construction)
  Indirect style dryness.