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Our company is a synthetic mold manufacturer doing together design and production since its foundation in 1992, which is also manufacturing standard components as well as special ones ordered.

We could find the domestic and overseas market with sincerity and trust, but we think it was impossible without customer's support who are more than 200companies in Korea and overseas.

Until the day we become the representative company of Korea, we are to do the best efforts targetting at the best price and the shortest delivery satisfying the customer through the continuous R&D, quality control and job development.

The hi-precise molds and components, which are produced by our craftsmen, are the pride of BUHYUNG both in name and reality.

Also, we are producing hi-precise jigs and components(Semiconductor equip-ment, medical equipment etc.) required of all over the industry and we will do our best to arrange the system to meet a small and a large quantity of produc-tion so that the customer can make the wide selection.

Giving priority to the important relationship with you in business, not forget-ting our original resoultion, we will do utmost to have the customers always satisfied with the kind consulting based on the long-term know-how.

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