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Applied Science Corporation manufactures high quality sputtering targets and high-purity material products with in-house technologies.

The materials industry is one of the core areas for the development of Korea’s high tech industries. However, it has been overlooked and neglected for long time due to the end-product-oriented industry formation in the rapid economic growth peorid in Korea. The materials industry requires considerable amount of time in order to accumulate its fundamental technologies and experiences.

For this reason the materials industry, with the many other domestic industries has depended on imports highly. Now, the importance of the materials industry is standing out because the mass production of high end products in Korea has reached the level that the production could be controlled by the foreign supplies of core materials and parts.

Until recently all the sputtering targets of high-purity materials in Korea have been imported. We, Applied Science Corporation have developed these high-purity material sputtering targets with our own technologies and facilities . Our technological know-hows and manufacturing experiences have been accumulated since our foundation in 1998 and now our products are acclaimed highly by many semiconductor and LCD manufacturing companies, engineering colleges, and research institutes for their diverse applications.

We are determined to produce high quality products reliably in order to serve the world-wide thin film industries.

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