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    Ceramic Flat Type High Pressure Air Stone (Aluminum Case Type)
    High Pressure Air Stone

    Product Description

    Angelaqua Ceramic Flat Type High Pressure Air Stone (Aluminum Case Type) DY101CF-Series


    Code No Case Size (㎜) Stone Size (㎜) Weight (㎏) Flow Rate per Operating pressure (ℓ/min)
    1.5㎏/㎠ 2.0㎏/㎠ 2.5㎏/㎠
    DY101CF-A 670 X 80 610 X 63 2.0 2.00 4.00 8.00
    DY101CF-B 470 X 80 410 X 63 1.4 1.40 2.80 5.50
    DY101CF-C 370 X 80 310 X 63 1.0 1.00 2.00 4.00
    DY101CF-D 265 X 80 205 X 63 0.8 0.70 1.40 2.75
    DY101CF-E 215 X 80 155 X 32 0.3 0.25 0.50 1.00

    Above flow rate and operating pressure results are measured only from ceramic stone. The input pressure should add 1.0kgs/cm2 when you increase oxygen flow.Oxygen flow increases with pressure.


    Instructions for Use

    ㆍBefore use, immerse the air stone deeply in the water two or three times for a short time, connect to air hose, set it horizontally and slowly set the proper pressure.

    ㆍDo not increase the pressure when the jetting volume decreases due to impurities on the air stone. Dry it and scrub the surface with the rough brush, scrubber or sandpaper (#60) until the grime is removed

    ㆍClean the surface of the air stone regularly for greater longevity

    ㆍClean thoroughly if the stone hasn’t been used in a long time (you must remove salt with fresh water after use seawater). Please allow to dry and keep in shade.

    ㆍAvoid physical impact and shock.

    Product List

    High Pressure Air Stone

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    Ceramic Flat Type High Pressure Air Stone (Aluminum Case Type)
    DY101CF-A, DY101CF-B, DY101CF-C, DY101CF-D, DY101CF-E

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    DY104-A, DY104-B, DY104-C, DY104T-A, DY104T-B, DY104T-C
    Ball Type
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    Low Pressure Manifolds
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