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Product Name Coolant Pump
Model ACRN Type
Series Coolant & Cutting Oil Pump
Product Description

A-ryung machinery  ACRN Type

- There are the fixed quantity method and the resistive method for lubricating system. The fixed quantity system is used, combining a fixed quantity pump with a fixed quantity distributor. This system is the constantly supplying method, measuring fixed quantity lubricant oil. 

- The fixed quantity distributor is combined with the pump with a built-in Venting valve, intermittently supplying fixed quantity lubricant oil to oil supply sites. The discharge volume is controlled by Adjust Nipple, and its discharge flow rate increases as the number carved on it comes to larger. 

- AThere are the proportional method and the continuous oil method for resistive system. This supplying system is to proportion or adjust lubricant oil according to the strength and weakness of resistance, causing resistance to controller or Flow unit by lubricant oil from the pump. 

- »The flow rate of each discharge port is decided by the discharge volume of the pump, supplied to each oil supply site through the distributor. 

- AThis is used for a wide range of industrial machinery such as machine tools, textile machines, printing machines, elevator, injection molding machines and presses.